so look at where I’m at/
so look at where I’m at/
so look at where I’m at/

bad motherfucker/
sold drugs & did more wild shit than you could wrap yo head around/
bad bitches, big bottles, blowin blunts/
you like that shit don’t you?/

I’ve traversed the world and served everything from fiends to MCs, to communities/
and the rough, the rugged, we love it/
and depicting the struggle is crucial but theres other subjects to jump in/

cause look at where else I’ve been/
stuntin under that midnattssol/
hustling under that norrsken/
fuckin in that midvintermörker/

so look at how far I’ve gotten and what I’ve went through/
encompassing multiple recipes for the cool/
that you can taste if you expand your points of view/
kolla vars jag är/